Photo Credit: Carol-Ann Belzil Normand


I usually try to establish a multi-system relationship. I try to link systems that apparently speak a language very different through a multidimensional vision, so we realize that they have much in common. I search the conceptual similarities between science, society, religion, psychology etc. and the “SOUND” through a deep analysis of the systems for a subsequent development and implementation of the final work . I tend to look deeply all that surrounds me , creating a sincere empathy with the environment.

The love for the sound improves human and natural communications, it sensitizes my soul and helping me to understand the world.


Piano Selvatico - Italy/Ireland 2016
Etherotopie - PESARO 2014
Beyond The Human Atom - QUEBEC 2014
Through the Space of Crying - LAC2014
Ambisonics Sound Analysis

Sound Art

Lampi sull'Eni
Percorsi Ondivaghi


The Sound of Mafia

Sound Engineer

The Warm Feeling of Cold ALEX PAOLINI

Other Works